Rouge AOC Sélection
Syrah, Braucol, Duras and Merlot

This is a  light, red wine. The subtle acid mix of cherries and wild cherries leave a sensation of fruity coolness. The wine can reach 6 - 8 years later to be cold macerating. Grape varieties ferment separately, in a stainless steel barrel of which the temperature of which is checked. They are only mixed when the fermentation is finished to give an optimal quality to the wine.

Rouge AOC Prestige
Syrah, Merlot and Braucol

This is a blended wine. It comes from using the same type of grapes but from different vintages. It is a dark wine breeds in a oak cask during 12 months. Its nose is made of blackcurrant, blackberry and plum. This fullflavoured wine is also fleshy and got a hint of spice. To obtain the best quality, grapes are cleared up at the beginning of the season. The yield on plantations is only 65 % but the clusters have an exceptional flavor.

Gaillac Primeur

This sligthly redcolored wine, fermented with carbonic maceration is referred to as a primeur. This young wine has a nose of acid berries. In mouth, it is fruity, with a sweet finish yet a little sour. It perfectly combines the taste of raspberries and black currant. Gaillac Primeur is an easywine to drink.

This wine is meant to be consumed soon after bottling. To be served coolish, 13-15°C.

Rosé Wine AOC (blush wine)
Syrah, Merlot, Braucol and Sauvignon blanc.

After a short maceration, the wine is brought in another barrel to be fermented there at low temperature to preserve the fruity aromas as much as possible. This light pink wine has a young and fruity nose .

This rosé wine should not be served before to 1 -3 years. To be consumed at 10-15°C.

Blanc sec Premières côtes AOC
L'en de l'eil, Mauzac, Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc have been cold macerating before being squeezed for a better acidity. It is a gold colored wine with a nuance of green. We distinguish scents of apples, melons, and apricots. This lemony wine has fruity aromas such as apples, and elder tree. It is a wonderful blend of white local grapes.

Preferably served at 9-12°C. It is best before 6 years of age.

Mousseux Caprice Brut de brut
Essentially made of Mauzac, but also with L'en de l'eil and Sauvignon blanc.

This dry wine is elaborated following the traditional champenoise method. It tastes as apples and grapefruits. This very fruity sparkling wine has a long finish.

Serve at 9-12°C. Preferably stored 2 years after the date of purchase.

Gaillac Doux AOC
L'en de l'eil and sometimes Mauzac

The manual harvests take place in November when the residual rate of sugar has reached 18-20 %, thanks to Botrytis Cinerea. It has become a golden color wine, and its nose is sweet and fruity. It smells as delicious honey, melons and citrus, which makes it a little sour. These flavors makes this wine taste very fresh.

To be consumed at 10-14°C. It can be stored many years.